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HORUS NMS is the Management and full remote control software developed by TSDA for use in monitoring systems and to control equipment networks. Being developed with the very latest in technology in remote control and monitoring, Horus NMS brings together in one product all flexibility, reliability and ease of operation, making it the essential tool for monitoring critical systems in an efficient and reliable way.

Its modern graphical interface is highly intuitive and allows its users to simplify the management and control tasks in order to reduce costs and increase operational efficiency. In addition, Horus NMS interface can be fully customized according to the needs of the user, which means that all control and management will be in accordance to your preferences.

Not only a software, Horus NMS is in fact a true suite of applications and it has several modules, each one of them with its specific functionality. Get to know below the modules that make up Horus NMS and understand how it is an essential tool in any Remote Control and Monitoring System.

Technical specifications:



  • Full view of all created screens and general operation of the system, being the module visualized within the NOC structure (maps, icons, screens / dashboards etc)

  • Responsiveness for better viewing in different screen resolutions

  • Display of alarms and operational status of the whole monitoring structure

  • Possibility of recognition, silencing and management of all alarms

  • Remote control activation with access levels (with confirmation and password)

  • Quick visual access to event list (report)

  • Possibility of multiple screens with the construction and organization of measures according to the user's needs



  • Reports of all events with the possibility to filter down each parameter that you wish to view

  • Graphical Reports

  • Customization of management reports to create favorite reports list (templates)

  • Reports of users actions ("audit trail")

  • Automatic reports generation at pre-determined times with the possibility to forward it by email.



  • Quick and easy access to monitoring information

  • Access from anywhere in the world

  • Real-time monitoring of the system information and mobile receipt of alarms through "push notifications"

  • Easy access via any mobile device

  • Compatible with Android and iOS

  • Security Access

  • Possibility of execution of remote controls by typing user and password

  • Alternative access to the monitoring and remote control system


  • Equipment Monitoring by ICMP (ping)

  • Connection quality charts (QoS, reponse time, etc)

  • Graphical display of connectivity of devices monitored by the software

  • Real-time visualization of connectivity alerts

  • Reports and statistical charts of equipment connectivity



  • Complete and intuitive graphical interface

  • Creation of screens / dashboards

  • Choice and management of maps and profile icons

  • Choice and management of "gauges", "bargraphs", "labels", "leds", "display", "histogram" among others, including dynamic objects that facilitate the identification of the correct functioning of the system

  • Possibility to link to equipment web pages or any other type of web pages

  • Possibility to link to camera images (area on screen)

  • Possibility to select the type of audible alerts for alarms that occurred, recognized alarms and others

  • Possibility of associating images to create the visual identity of each screen

  • Possibility of use only by registered and allowed users



  • General registration of users and profiles

  • Compatible with the SNMP Protocol (V1, V2c e V3)

  • Equipment and MIBs registration

  • Configuration of TRAPs categories

  • Database maintenance routines

  • Configuration of XML sending parameters by FTP

  • Communication with clients by HTTP Request (web services)

  • DEBUG Interface of the whole system

  • Possibility of sending messages by email and SMS

  • Categorization of sending information based on the profile information and user registration

  • USB modem and Ethernet support for sending SMS

  • Email servers with SSL support

  • Registration of the confirmation of sent messages




Costs Reduction

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