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Learn about some of the applications of our products and technologies



Extensive experience in providing remote monitoring and control systems to TV & radio stations in various applications:


  • Forward and reflected power of TV, FM and AM transmitters;

  • Monitoring of audio and video signals;

  • Electricity;

  • Technical parameters such as voltage, current, pressure, power and other

  • Environment alarms - temperature, humidity, smoke, etc;

  • Alarms for patrimonial security

  • Remote activation



  • Remote monitoring and control of POP (Point of Presence)

  • Air conditioning automation

  • Housekeeping

  • Supervision and remote control of Motor-Generator Sets - Diesel

  • Monitoring of important parameters in telecommunication sites such as the power supply voltage, battery voltage, security alarms and others, as well as the integration with all installed equipment on site through the SNMP protocol

  • Monitoring of containers and telecommunications cabinets

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  • Monitoring of power networks

  • Generator Sets

  • Nobreaks


Renewable energy

  • Monitoring of power networks

  • Generator Sets

  • Nobreaks

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