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View your company's data in a much more dynamic and interactive way

power bi screen.png


The integration with Power BI was developed by TSDA to provide a visualization much more dynamic of your company's data. With the integration with Power BI you will be able to view the data of your company in an interactive and customizable way, in accordance with your preferences and needs.

With business intelligence features and an simple and easy to use interface, the Power BI integration allows its final users to create their own reports and dashboards. Besides that, it helps to connect independent data, manipulating and transforming it into a data pattern and to create charts and diagrams to total visualization of this data.

The Power BI reports can also be used in decision making and insights, and can also be visualized in real-time. This way, using the reports, it's possible to make predictions to help in decision making, guaranteeing that all departments will reach their goals.

Including the possibility to create executive dashboards for administrators and managers, the integration with Power BI is without doubts an essential tool for those who are looking for a complete system of administration and management, providing a significant increase in the operational efficiency, in a dynamic and interactive way.






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