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Vast experience in providing telemetry and remote control systems to radio and TV broadcasters in diverse applications: 


  • Forward and reflected power in TV, FM and AM transmitters

  • Monitoring of Audio and Video signals

  • AC Mains;

  • Technical parameters such as voltage, current, pressure, power, and others;

  • Environmetal alarms – temperature, humidity, smoke, etc.;

  • Burglar alarms;

  • Remote activations


  • Telemetry and POP (Point of Presence) control;

  • Air conditioning automation;

  • Housekeeping;

  • Remote control and supervision of Generator Diesel engines;

  • Monitoring of important parameters in telecommunication sites such as power supply voltage, battery voltage, security alarms, just to name a few, as well as the integration of all installed equipment through SNMP;

  • Monitoring of telecommunication containers ;


  • Power Grid Monitoring

  • Generators

  • No-breaks (UPS)

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